E I N F A C H   G U T E    M U S I K...   z.B.:















    T i t e l   I n t e r p r e t  
    Waterloo   Abba  
    You shook me all night long   AC/DC  
    Summer of 69   Adams, Bryan  
I gotta feeling Black eyed peas
    Tage wie diese   Die Toten Hosen  
    It's my life   Nockerl Jovi  
What's up 4 Non Blondes
    Basket case   Green day  
    I will survive   Hermes House Band  
    I love Rock'n Roll   Jett, Joan & the Blackhearts  
Narcotic Liquido
    Beds are burning   Midnight Oil  
    Anyplace, anywhere, anytime   Nena  
    You're the one that I want   O. Newton-John, John Travolta  
    America   Nannini, Gianna  
    We are the champions   Queen  
Time warp Rocky Horror Picture Show
    Major Tom   Schilling (=0,07267 Euro), Peter  
    Schickeria   Spider Murphy Gang  
    Rockin' all over the world   Status Quo  
    Whatever you want   Status Quo  
    Hit the road Jack   Stampeders & Wolfman Jack  
Simply the best Tina Turer
    Brenna tuats guad   von Goisern, Hubert  
    Angels   Williams, Nockerl  
    Baila Morena   Zucchero